About CLC

Our Mission


Our mission is to support the family by extending the ministry of North Oxford Baptist Church by providing a biblically based, age appropriate weekday education to infants, pre- school, and school age children.  We will love, nurture and teach each child by God’s example.  Our words will encourage, our actions will be gentle, and our hearts will love unconditionally.

Our Purpose


We know every child is fearfully and wonderfully made, and is a priceless Masterpiece designed by God. Our purpose is to help each child reach his or her full potential by recognizing the child as a unique, special creation of God and to design and implement a high quality early childhood program of activities and experiences that will develop each child mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally.

Our Philosophy


Children learn best through play in a safe, nurturing environment that encourages hand-on experiences.  Our program encourages and promotes positive development and learning by providing opportunities for discovery, hands-on experiences, imaginative free play, observation, and positive peer and adult interactions. The play environment encourages appropriate and positive development across a wide range of domains while building 

Our Curriculum


Age-specific daily lesson plans and Bible lessons are developed using the WEE Learn Curriculum published by LifeWay Christian Resources and other age appropriate curriculum.  The curriculum will be supported by hands-on activities in the following learning centers: 

·       Fine Motor

·       Art

·       Music and Movement

·       Blocks

·       Sand and Water

·       Dramatic Play

·       Nature and Science

·       Math and Numbers

·       Large Motor


The curriculum’s unit themes will be enhanced by the use of children’s books.  Teachers will read daily to the children and a variety of books will be available to the children.  Our curriculum is designed to meet the” MISSISSIPPI EARLY LEARNING GUIDELINES.”