Meals and Nutrition for infants

Meals for infants
Infants are fed as needed on an individual basis. Parents of infants will be provided a Daily Information Sheet (DIS). These information sheets along with the following instructions should be followed to plan and prepare for infant’s daily feedings:   
Daily informational Sheets (DIS)
  •  Initially, parents should inform staff about infant’s general eating habits. Following this initial conference, DIS will be used to communicate infants eating habits.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to provide written instructions on the DIS for the day’s feedings.
  •  Staff will provide DIS to parents stating infant’s feeding times and intake amounts. 
Food supply for infants
Parents are responsible for supplying each day’s supply of food and formula (already prepared in bottles) for infants.  Procedures and regulation in supplying food: 
  •  Label all bottles and jars appropriately with the name of the child; Glass bottles are not permitted; 
  •  State law prohibits accepting previously opened jars of baby food; 
  •  Baby food will be served in a separate dish from the jar or container it was stored in, and the remaining will be discarded. 
  •  Any leftover in the jar will be dated and used within 24 hours or discarded; 
  • Formula must be prepared and stored in bottles at home.