January notes and reminders

Gwenda Brown on January 9, 2015

Happy New Year!

It's January and COLD! I am especially thankful today for the warm shelter we have here at CLC.  We have had a wonderful first full week back together.  It's fun listening in on the children talk about all their Christmas presents and watching them reconnect with their school friends will definitely warm your heart.  We are so blessed with such sweet children at CLC.

Thankfully, all of our friends have returned to school happy and well with no word of the flu from anyone.  I hope we can stay as well as possible through the rest of this bad flu season.  Parents, please help us out by keeping sick children at home.  It has been my experience through the years; a child that wakes up with a low-grade temp at home and is given a fever reducer will come to school feeling fine but will typically wake up during nap time with a full-blown fever.  This is the scenario I hope to avoid during this flu season as it is impossible to control the spread of the germs once the sick child is at school. The first and best defense against the spread of the flu and other contagious diseases at our school is to stay home.  I know how difficult it is to determine the cause of temperature, especially a low grade temp.  Is it teething, ear infection...?   During this flu season I strongly recommend that the flu and other contagious conditions be ruled out before returning to school. 

A question that always arises during the winter months is "Are the children going outside today?"  An easy answer to your question is always send your child with a coat, hat and gloves as even on the coldest days the children may walk across the parking lot to play in the gym. On other days going outside will be determined more by the wind chill than the temperature. Most cold days here in the south, if it is sunny and no considerable wind chill; it is comfortable enough for most of our children to be outside.  On cold days we don't typically stay out for the entire recess, but getting out for fresh air is a good thing.  

The first of the year is the time that I begin to plan for our next program year. Just a reminder to you:

*Registration for our existing families for our 2015- 2016 program year will be March 2- 13th.  

*If you are an existing family and expecting a newborn to be enrolled at CLC for our 2015- 2016 program year, please make sure we are aware of this so we can reserve a spot for you.

Warmest regards,