Attention CLC Parents- Very Important

Gwenda Brown on November 17, 2015

Dear CLC Parents:

As I mentioned in my prior communication to you, we have suffered a crash of our server's hard drives that our Headmaster program backup to.  Unfortunately, I learned today that our backup is corrupted and no information can be retrieved.  Obviously, this is not good news; especially at the end of the year.  As soon as we are able, we will begin building the data back into our Headmaster program. If you are going to need an end of the year statement for tax purposes, I will need your help to recreate your full 2015 account.  Please supply one of the following:        

1.   Saved monthly receipts, January 2015- September 2015.    

2.   If you do not have your monthly receipts.  Please pick up a form from the reception desk and recreate your payments from your bank statement- I do not want your bank statment.  

3.   If you have paid cash, you may also pick up a form and recreate your payments to the best of your ability.   

If you have all the documents you need for tax purposes and will not need an end of the year statement from us; that will help me as I will not recreate your full 2015 account.  Some of you have small unapplied amounts on your account due to overpayments.  If you have your latest receipt, I can factor that into your billing for December.      

I am so sorry for the inconvenience this will certainly cause you.  I will work hard to supply for you anything you may need.  Please call me if you have questions.  

Kindest regards,