First of the year thoughts and reminders

Gwenda Brown on August 23, 2016

CLC Parents:

After three full weeks into our 2016- 2017 program year everyone seems to be in a routine and doing well.   There are still a few tears as some of our new friends separate from Mom or Dad in the mornings, but by the end of the day everyone has had a successful and fun day.  This year, we are happy to be serving 149 children from 105 families.  To meet the demands of our waiting list, we added a new three year old class. This class includes our oldest three year old children who will all be turning 4 this fall.  Their classroom is upstairs alongside our Four year olds classes and I am happy to say they are doing very well.  

God is good to us by supplying all our needs at CLC; with the biggest being our amazing staff. This year we have 24 fulltime staff, and 12 part time staff to serve and love your children.  We are blessed that most of our staff has been with us for several years and their experience and confidence in their positions makes a world of difference.  We added 3 new fulltime staff this year.  All of them are well qualified and I am confident they will do a great job. Please see our Staff Page on our website to see all our staff.        

Thank you parents for returning all your information and documentation to us for our records; with the exception of a few documents we are in compliance with licensing mandates for our student’s records. 

To assure everyone’s safety and good experience at CLC, I would like to highlight a few reminders from our handbook: 

·        Please provide a change of clothes to be kept at CLC for accidents or messy activities.

·        For your child’s safety please send your child to school in tennis shoes or another form of closed toe shoes. 

·        Be aware of the one way driveways on our campus.  The drive closest to our playground is an exit only.  

·        If you park under the drive thru to drop off and pick up your child or children, please do not hold up traffic by visiting with teachers or other parents.  If you need to take time to talk with your child’s teacher, please park in a parking space in the parking lot.   

·        Do not leave young children unattended in a parked car.         

Thank you for your cooperation with these things as they are a matter of safety.  I look forward to a safe and successful year at CLC.    

Kindest Regards,