Program Evaluations

Gwenda Brown on May 30, 2017

Dear Parents:

Can you believe we are completing our 9th program year at CLC?   Just like the saying goes-"the days are long, but the years are short." There are times I feel like we have always been here, but most of the time I can’t believe how fast the years have passed. I am full of gratitude that God has allowed me to be a part of this incredible experience.  We are blessed with the best teachers, great facilities and of course you- the most awesome children and families of Oxford. It is my desire to continue to serve you the best we can and we value your thoughts on your experience at CLC during this program year.  Please take time to print out the below evaluation form and return it to CLC as soon as possible. We want our 10th year to be the best year yet.   These evaluations will be shared with our CLC committee, church administrators and our staff. 

Kindest regards,


Gwenda Brown