Communication with Parents- Himama App and Website

Gwenda Brown on October 4, 2017

himama image

Hello CLC Parents:

We have completed our trial run with the Himama Childcare App and I am pleased to say we have purchased a one year subscription to continue to use the app.  The decision was easy as we have gotten great feedback from many of you about the app.  I understand, in this day in time, the more information we can access easily with our smartphones and computers the more we will know.  I trust all of you are successfully logged in and using the app to get daily reports from us about your child's day.  Let us know if you are still having trouble connecting with the Himama app.  

It has become apparent to me that some of you may not be aware that Himama actually functions both on the app and through the Himama website.  The app on your phone is where you access your child's daily reports and any messages sent to you during the day.  But to get the full benefit of the Himama Childcare app you need to log into your account on the Himama website. This is where you will find our calendar, weekly menu, and lesson plans. Plus, it keeps a back log of daily reports, messages, and pictures for you.  I hope you are using both the Himama app and the Himama website to stay informed.                

As great as it is, please hear me when I say, this app in no way takes the place of face to face conversations with your child's teacher. Always engage your child's teacher and ask questions and share your concerns during drop off and pick up.   I expect our teachers to do the same.  Rule of thumb- if it was important enough to send in a message then it is important enough to have a follow up conversation during the next face to face encounter.  

Lastly, as excited as we are about this app and its functions, we will continue to use our website, to share information with you. Now, you have two great ways to stay in touch with us here at CLC.   

Kindest regards,