Summer Calendar

Gwenda Brown on May 25, 2018

summer kick off

It is finally summertime and we are looking forward to a bit of a looser pace here at CLC and having lots of summer fun.  I have provided links to our summer calendar below.  More activities will be added as they are determined.  Always refer to your teacher’s weekly lesson plan for specifics activities for your child’s class.

There is a $10 activity fee for our 3 year olds classes (Leah, Paula, Carmen) and a $15 activity fee for our PreK- 5th grade classes.  This will be due by June 15th

Here are a few general reminders for summer time:

  • Always wear closed toe shoes as our surfaces can get very HOT
  • Bring sunscreen to be applied to your child before outdoor play
  • Avoid shirts and dresses that expose the shoulders and back.
  • Caps and hats are always a good idea. 

For our parents of school kids that are spending the summer with us, here are a few instructions:

  • Drop off will be on the PreK hall in the mornings.  All school kids will have their breakfast and lunch on the PreK hall.(Lunch location is subject to change) 
  • These kids will spend very little time in a classroom and will be doing activities in several areas on and off campus.  If you are dropping off at an odd hour, it is best to bring your child to the office.
  • We will make you aware of your child’s location for pick up using our REMIND text message system.  We will give you instruction on how to join this group.