New Waiting List Procedures

Gwenda Brown on August 31, 2018

Creative Learning Center at North Oxford

New Waiting List Procedures

Effective 08/31/2018

How can a family be added to our waiting list? 

  1. To be added to our waiting list, a request must come from a parent or legal guardian by phone or in person during business hours only.
    1. Church members seeking enrollment, or current families who want to enroll a sibling, must be added to the list following the same aforementioned procedure.
    2. Please do not email, private message or text a waiting list request. 

How does a family remain active on our Waiting List?

  1. Due to the high volume of families on our list, CLC will no longer send out quarterly emails to keep families active on our list and to obtain up to date information.
    1. Instead, CLC will send out an email to all of our waiting list families in January prior to our upcoming registration.  At this point we will ask you to respond to us with any up to date information and we will mark you as active on the list and eligible for vacancies. 
    2. CLC will resend the email in February to those who may miss the first one.  It will be crucial to reply to one of these requests to be eligible for any possible vacancies
    3. Keep in mind, this will be a mass email, so if you fail to receive our email; check your junk mail.     
    4. After both attempts to email our waiting list families, and we do not receive any response from you, your name will be removed from our active waiting list.   

Other helpful information about our waiting list:

  1. When we have a vacancy, CLC makes every effort to offer spots to families that have been on the list the longest. However, there are a few variables that have to be considered that can cause a family to be “passed” and a spot offered to another family:
    1. Age of the child- CLC has two classes per age group.  A child may be “passed” as he/she does not have the birthday to fit the vacancy. 
    2. Gender of the child- to keep our classrooms as balanced as possible, we sometimes have to “pass” a family to accommodate this objective. 
    3. Sibling groups- if we have spot for one sibling, it may be necessary to “pass” a family to be able to accommodate the sibling in another class.
  2. Although we do consider the date you were added to our list when filling vacancies, our waiting list are not kept in numerical order according to the date you were added, thus CLC cannot tell you where you are on the list.