Urgent Message- Accommodations for Sherrif Buddy East Funeral Services

Gwenda Brown on September 12, 2018

Urgent Message

In case you are not aware, the services for Sheriff Buddy East are taking place at North Oxford Baptist Church on Thursday and Friday of this week.  This will be a massive event that will require adjustment for us particularly as it pertains to pick up on Thursday, September 13th.  I have been made aware, just the attendance of local and state law enforcement alone, will fill up most of our parking spaces.    

Therefore, we need your full cooperation with the following accommodations to safely get everyone picked up on Thursday:  

  • We will use a “car rider line” system for pick up. 
  • Tell your child’s teacher what time you will pick up on Thursday.
    • We need a prompt time so we can have your child waiting and ready to avoid back up.
      • All infants, creeper, toddlers and twos and their older siblings will be picked up at the CLC building Welcome Center drive thru.
        • You will receive an orange car tag to be placed on your rear view mirror.  This is to let our parking attendants know you are with CLC.
      • Beginning at 3:30, all threes, fours and afterschool will be picked up at the FLC (gym)
        • You will receive a yellow tag to be placed on your rear view mirror.  This will let our parking attendants know you are with CLC.
  • All pick up prior to 3:30 will be done at CLC building Welcome Center Drive Thru
  • If you choose to avoid the traffic all together and can pick up prior to 1 p.m. you should be able to park and walk in as usual.
  • Please avoid parking (especially if you could potentially block others) and getting out of your car. 
  • Please be advised on Friday during the funeral service (between 10- 1:00 p.m.) there will be no parking available and there will be traffic backup as cars are arriving and leaving. 

Please note:  

I have no way to know how bad the traffic will be in route to CLC.  Be prepared for the worst.