Support for the Anderson Family

Gwenda Brown on September 17, 2018

maranda andeson

Most of you know, but for those of you who are unaware; it is with much sadness that I announce to you the loss of one of our dear CLC Moms, Maranda Anderson.   Maranda was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017 and was being treated with promising results at MD Anderson.  However, suddenly and without warning Maranda fell ill and died unexpectedly on Sunday, September 9th.   Maranda leaves behind three beautiful girls, Ramesy, Maelee, and Anna Wesley and her devoted and loving husband, Wes Anderson. Maranda worked at First National Bank, and Wes is a fire fighter with the city of Oxford.   The CLC family has loved and served this family since their girls were very young. Presently, Anna Wesley is in our three year old class, and Ramsey and Maelee attend our afterschool program.  Since the beginning the Andersons have been like family to everyone at CLC.  To know them is to love them.  They have brought immeasurable joy to our lives. It has been a pleasure to take care of the girls. Ramsey, Maelee and Anna Wesley, just like their mom, are sweet as can be.  Maranda always dressed the girls in the most happy and colorful clothes and bows that would make even the gloomiest day brighter.  Maranda was a dear friend to us all. We will miss her bright smile.  Everyone at CLC is grieving alongside Wes and his girls at the loss of such a beautiful person, but we will remember her fondly at every glance of her girls, as they are so much like her. Please pray for wisdom and courage as we support Wes and the girls as they return to work and school without Maranda.        

Many of you have asked about helping the Anderson family during this time of great need.  As you can image, the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis and now coupled with the unforeseen cost of a funeral has taken a large toll on the family financially.  I know Wes could use all the financial support we are able to offer him during this time.  I humbly ask each family to consider giving a monetary gift to the Anderson family.  We will take your donations over the next several weeks.  I hope you can give.    I look forward to blessing Wes with our gift as I know he will be most thankful for your kindness and generosity.