Celebrating our STAFF

Gwenda Brown on October 11, 2018

The Best Commnity Helpers of All

We have had the best time celebrating Community Helpers and I will be sharing more about all our adventures and visitors soon. But today I want to brag about my favorite Community Helpers- The CLC Staff.  Talk about community helpers- what would we do without these people in our lives.  I know there are other good teachers and staff in our town, but CLC has the best of all!!   

This picture was taken in August while celebrating Beverly's 4oth birthday.  Some of the staff is not pictured, but you know them all, so be sure to tell them all how much you appreciate them as we wrap up our Community Helpers unit.    


clc staff august 2018

Since we are talking about our great staff, I will be picking up where I left off last spring celebrating and highlighting our staff.  Today our special teacher highlight is Debra West.  SeeDirector's Notes to learn more about Debra.  If you missed our other highligths I will be adding them to the staff page.