Show your love and support for Kesha

Gwenda Brown on April 30, 2019


We have good news!  Kesha is out of the hospital and resting well at home.  The initial part of her journey to fight this cancer is complete, but her battle is far from over.  Now that she is home from the hospital she will be busy with weekly physical therapy and doctor’s appointments.  It is during this time that Kesha could benefit from our support in the way of cash and gift cards to help with expenses of groceries, meds, gas and so on.  Please consider giving to Kesha in this way and show your love and support for her as she faces the challenges of beating cancer. 

Please bring your donations to CLC anytime and be sure to include a sweet note from you and your family.  I know she would love to read them all.  We will collect your donations through Friday.  Checks should be written to Kesha Wortham.

Thank you for your love and support for our friend Kesha.

Kindest regards,