Our response to COVID-19

Gwenda Brown on March 13, 2020

Hello CLC Parents:

First let me announce we will be open next week.  However, please stay tuned to your emails through our Himama app and our website (clc.northoxford.org) in the event closure is necessary. We will not be able to serve school-aged children during school hours, but normal afterschool care will be available from 3- 5:30.   

Our staff has been working today to clean and sanitize their rooms.  They have removed most soft surfaces and excess toys.  I have stressed to our teachers that our focused attention during this crisis is WELLNESS AND CLEANLINESS. I have asked them to eliminate busy lesson plans and activities that cause clutter and distraction from diligent sanitizing and monitoring children for wellness.  To keep everyone well and our environment clean and germ-free, we will need everyone’s cooperation:  

Parents will:

  • Notify me if you have traveled internationally during Spring Break.  I would like to discuss with you the recommendations you were given about self-imposed quarantine. 
  • Keep sick children at home.  No fever above 100.  Also do not mask a child’s fever with Motrin and Tylenol.  
  • If you are sick- do not drop off or pick up your child.  Please have a person on your approved list to this for you. 
  • Take nap mats home daily and launder them.  If you wish, you can purchase plastic kinder mats to avoid this hassle.   But any small blankets or “loveys” need to go home daily so staff can adequately sanitize cubbies. 
  • Make sure your child is bathed and wearing clean clothes daily.  Also, make sure we have an extra set of clothes in the event a child needs to be changed for cleanliness purposes. 
  • In the event your child becomes sick while at daycare, you will be notified immediately and will be expected to pick up your child no later than 30 minutes after notifications.  If you work out of town, please have persons identified that can help you in the event your child becomes ill.     

Teachers will:

  • Eliminate busy lesson plans and activities and focus on cleanliness and wellness
  • Wear clean smocks as they come and go from our facility for lunch and breaks
  • They will wash their hands appropriately and will have children wash their hands as needed.  I have asked teachers to make sure children are washing their hands upon arrival.  Parents can assist with washing your child’s hand if the teacher is busy. 
  • Teachers will monitor their own wellness and will stay away if sick. 
  • Teachers will closely monitor each child and will isolate sick children immediately. 

As I said, please stay in touch with us through our website and Himama for further information and thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain a clean and well environment as we continue to serve.  I am praying for this to pass quickly and that all our children and families will be protected from sickness during this outbreak.

Warmest regards,

Gwenda Brown