Update- COVID-19

Gwenda Brown on March 16, 2020

Hello CLC Families,

Unless further recommendations are given, CLC has every intention to be open on Wednesday, March 18 for regular business hours, 7- 5:30 p.m.   However, in an effort to keep germs at bay and our environment healthy CLC will implement a few changes to our routines:    

Parents will:

Make every effort to bring your child to the center between the hours of 7- 8:30 a.m.   We will have staff available in the Welcome Center to receive your child and take them to their rooms.  With the exception of the infant, creeper and classes upstairs all children need to be dropped off in the Welcome Center.  If your child’s classroom is upstairs, there will be staff in the foyer of the hallway to receive your child.  This temporary procedure will limit the number of people in our main facility thus controlling the spread of germs.  If you cannot drop off during those hours, please call in advance of arriving and someone will meet you in the Welcome Center or in the foyer.  Please note- all other entrances will be locked.    

Pick up their child in the Welcome Center or in the foyer upstairs only. (Infant and Creeper room parents may go into the classroom to pick up their child.)  We will have staff available from 4- 5:30 to bring your child to the Welcome Center or to the foyer for dismissal.  If you need to pick up before 4, please call in advance and we can meet you in the Welcome Center. 

Communicate with teachers through the Himama app.  Teachers will return messages on Himama as soon as possible. Certainly, the downside to our new routine is the limited ability to have face to face conversations with your child’s teacher.  Please utilize our Himama app to communicate, and feel free to call anytime with question and concerns.        

Not park in the drive thru for drop off and pick up.  Please park in a parking space and walk your child in the Welcome Center.    

Monitor for wellness of your child before arriving to CLC and will keep sick children at home.  Once your child arrives to school they will be screened for wellness and any child with concerning symptoms or fever above 100, regardless of reason for fever, will be sent home.   Children need to be fever free before returning to school. Parents should report all absences to CLC so we can track and report communicable diseases.     

Contact me before returning to school if you traveled domestically or internationally during Spring Break.  For overseas travel, I need to know the recommendation you were given about self-imposed quarantine.   If you traveled domestically, I need to know if you were in a highly populated area that has high rates of infection.   Please call me at 234-9852 between the hours of 12- 2 p.m. to discuss this matter.

Take home personal back packs and toys.  Also remember to take nap mats home daily to be properly cleaned.  Until further notice please do not bring to CLC outside toys, back packs or bags.      


Teachers and other staff will:

Be screened for wellness upon arrival. Any teacher exhibiting concerning behavior or fever will be sent home and will not return until they are fever free and symptoms are clear.    

Contact parents of absent children to determine the reason for their absence so we can track and report communicable diseases in the center.    

Follow all CDC’s recommendations for best hygiene and handwashing and will do the same with the children in the classroom.   

Eliminate busy lesson plans and activities that cause clutter and distraction from sanitizing and maintaining a healthy environment.     

The Director will:

Monitor the overall well-being of everyone in the Center and will make decisions based on good judgement for the overall good of the program.   

Stay aware of the Mississippi Department of Health and CDC’s recommendations and will communicate those to you as needed. 

Follow the recommendations of the CDC if a case of COVID-19 occurs in our center. 

A few more thoughts-

Our new drop off and pick up routine may cause some children to be scared and anxious.  I promise we will be sensitive to each child’s needs and will handle their anxiety calmly- assuring them they are loved and safe.    

I know many of you that are able to stay home may not return to CLC during this crisis.  I would like to know who you are.  This will help us staff and prepare food appropriately.  Please contact us through Himama and let us know if you intend to keep your child at home and for how long. 

As you know, information regarding COVID-19 changes hourly.  Remain flexible and prepared as updates and adjustments to our procedures are probable. 

As I said before, I regret the inconvenience this may be causing many of you. But I am thankful for this time to better prepare and plan in face of these unique circumstances.  You would be so proud of our staff.  They have worked tirelessly to declutter, sanitize and clean since Friday.  We will meet again tomorrow to train and discuss these new procedures, and on Wednesday we will be are ready and prepared to serve you well.   This morning, we took time together and prayed that our families and staff will remain well and unaffected by this virus and our efforts to plan and prepare will have good results.   On a positive note, this will pass but until then we need everyone’s complete cooperation and understanding. 

Kindest regards,

Gwenda Brown