Update to Parents- April 1, 2020

Gwenda Brown on April 1, 2020

April 1, 2020


Hello CLC Families,

As you know the conditions that warranted our closure in March have not improved; therefore the CLC will be closed until further notice. We would like to see a sustained decline in local cases and further restrictions of social distancing lifted before we feel we can interact with and care for our children, our families and staff safely.   We are fervently praying and fully anticipate reopening no later than May 4th.   Due to our closure, April tuition will be charged on prorated bases upon reopening.  If we cannot reopen until May there will be no charge for April. 

Thank you to those who have updated me on your current situations concerning childcare.  I am grateful that so many of you are able to work from home or secure in-home childcare in alternate ways.   I know I have not heard from all of you, but it certainly seems that the large majority of you have a plan in place to care for your children and want to keep them at home while the virus is still active.   

Many of you have asked about our staff wanting assurance of their job security and pay during this time.  Thank you so much for your love and concern for them.  It is our top priority to maintain our staff as long as we can during these difficult days.  Some of you have offered to continue your tuition payment in April to help off-set our tuition loss.  That is a very kind gift and it certainly will help with our payroll and other expenses that are still due even though we are closed.  If you wish to gift us by continuing your tuition payment or any other amount you wish to give, please mail it to P.O. Box 1700 Oxford, MS  38655.  Thank you very much.  If I have already received your April payment it will remain in your account as a credit.  If you would like to gift it to us just let me know.    

 As I have said before, this was an agonizing decision to make for all involved.  We want to serve you and we will again very soon.  What a celebration that will be!!!  The emptiness and the silence here at CLC without the presence of you, your children and our staff is surreal and lonely.  But on the upside, I hope the togetherness and the closeness you have experienced with your families during these challenging days will be some of the sweetest memories of your lives.

Much love to all of you,


Gwenda Brown