Drive-thru Graduation Ceremony

Gwenda Brown on April 22, 2020

Congratulation graduation

The Creative Learning Center at North Oxford Baptist Church is pleased to announce a Drive-thru Graduation Ceremony for all our Pre-K Children 

Friday, May 1st , 2020

Come and go

11:00 am to 1:00 pm

This is how it will go: 

Any time between 11-1, please come to the back parking lot of NOBC.  Your child’s teachers will be there to greet and wave at you.  They will direct you to the far parking lot where there will be pictures of all our graduates displayed.  Drive around and look at all the pictures, wave at your friends, give air hugs and high fives…   Once you have seen them all, you are welcome to park in the parking space closest to your child’s picture.  At each picture there will be a gift bag for your child that will include his/her diploma, a graduation gift and treats. This stop will also be a good time to take pictures (with your family only).  Since it is come and go, we ask that you leave your child’s picture in place so everyone has a chance to see it as they arrive.  You are welcome to return for it at the conclusion of the event or we can get it to you at a later date.      


For everyone’s protection no mingling or congregating will be allowed.  As much as we all want to hug our teachers and our friends, our teachers have been instructed to wave and greet everyone from a distance. Please do the same.