Gwenda Brown on April 30, 2020


Before turning out the lights of my office on the eve of my last day at the Creative Learning Center I want to share a few heartfelt  thoughts and many thank yous to my CLC and church family-  

It has been the pinnacle of my career to work and serve in this capacity for the past 12 years. In the days leading up to my acceptance of this position, I knew God had appointed me to this task as if it had been written on my heart from the beginning of time and I have confidently and  faithfully served knowing fully I have been right in the middle of God’s will. I can’t begin to count or recall the many blessings that have come from working in such a special place.  I love the story of the Creative Learning Center.  Before CLC was in existence God burdened the hearts of His people at NOBC to pursue this ministry and even though many years passed they continued to pray and the vision grew so, that as soon as an appropriate building was built, I was hired, a committee was formed and the CLC began coming to life.  It has been my privilege to honor those prayers and vision by leading this ministry with the utmost concern and care. Although it is a business, it is first and foremost a ministry with a holy pursuit to care for children and share God’s love with anyone who finds their way through our doors and in our lives.

First, I give my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to all the CLC committee members, both present and past with special recognition to Mr. Bob King and Mr. Chris Watson. I am without words to adequately share how much I love and appreciate each of you for your devotion and support of me and this ministry.  The value of your service to CLC can not be measured.  You gave of your time by attending countless meetings.  You labored on projects both big and small and always sought to approve a budget that honored God and our ministry model. From the bottom of my heart, I love you.    

I would also like to recognize and thank the ministerial staff, ministry assistants, and personnel members that I have had the great fortune to work with over the years.  Serving alongside all of you has made this journey most fulfilling.   You have enriched my life with your wisdom and your care and I am most grateful to call you friends.   

To my North Oxford Baptist Church family- I love you deeply. So many of you tell me often how much you appreciate the ministry of CLC.  Your kind words, fervent prayers, and your gentle nudges of encouragement always came right on time.  It has been my sincere pleasure to serve this church and to be a part of the fulfilment of your vision to serve our community through a childcare ministry.  

Lastly, and my hardest goodbye goes to my CLC family.  From the beginning to now all of you will hold a piece of my heart.  In the years to come I may forget your names and the memories will fade but your sweet presence in my life will always be a part of me and my heart will hold you forever.  The words are sometimes cliche and simple, but I couldn’t be more sincere when I say I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!  Thank YOU for your love and support always....and I will never forget my goodbye parade.  What a special gift it was to see so many of you today.   I will pray for you at every remembrance of you and I am confident God will continue His good work at CLC and NOBC for many years to come.      


                                                                                             Gwenda Brown